Tipi di Bologna

Illustrated stories and tales of typographers and engravers from Bologna. A project by Giulia Garbin, Stefano Riba e Anonima Impressori. A production of Griffo–The Great Gala of Letters. Tipi di Bologna (Types of Bologna) is a limited edition book, entirely illustrated, printed and bound by hand. Produced by Griffo–The Great Gala of Letters, and made possible thanks to the support of Fondazione Del Monte, Tipi di Bologna brings us short stories of those who made the Bolognese print and publishing scene through the years, combining Giulia Garbin’s linocut illustrations, Stefano Riba’s texts in linotype and the print expertise of Anonima Impressori. Likewise Tipi di Torino published in 2014 by Print About Me Micro-Press, This new book is dedicated to the Italian typographic culture, uses old (but not antiquate) techniques in order to stimulate rediscovery of letterpress past and present scene of Bologna city.

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