Polyphonic Playground

Polyphonic Playground is a newly commissioned site specific, interactive musical installation by Studio PSK which will be shown for the first time at Assemble Miami in Wynwood. Inspired by the inherent joy of using playgrounds as a child, this installation encourages adults to re-discover this experience of play. Taking the archetypal elements of a playground – swings, slides, climbing frame – and combining them with the musical mastery of beatboxer Reeps One and the local Miami soundscape, a landscape of playground activities are transformed into musical instruments when used. A timber framework has been built to create the iconic playground pieces at adult scale. Combining these with custom electronics, printed textile and BARE conductive paint, each object gains another level of interactivity. The installation in Miami will be the launch of a series of appearances. Various iterations of the project will be produced over the coming year, to engage with different audiences and varying soundscapes across the world – turning our built environment into a versatile instrument.

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