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Book design for 1/1 by Paolo Zerbini. Printed by Anonima Impressori using offset print techniques with silk-screen printing spot shiny painting and stitching binding for the realisation of the precious volume. 1/1, entirely shot in the Po valleys area, is, as the title can hint, an homage to uniqueness. A photographic ceremony, a meditative narration consisting of 101 Polaroid images (Fuji FP-100 now out of production) and three short stories, wrote by the photographer during the trip. A book which is actually a unique work of art; each cover contains one of the 101 polaroids composing the volume and visually sketching the journey through the territory undertook by the author. Visual notes of a journey, both into landscape and soul, where the images have a double function; the depiction of the places and the conveyance of the emotional load they carry. The photographer took only a few shots per day, looking for the light, space and symbols which were suitable for that ritual, often creating what he needed to represent. The car trip along Zerbini’s motherland in the Po valleys lasted for a month, almost always in solitude.

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